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The Antipodes Asia strategy is available to qualifying investors of the Antipodes Asia Fund Limited (the “Fund”). The Fund and the Antipodes Asia Master Fund Limited (the “Master Fund”) are Cayman Islands exempted companies incorporated with limited liability under the laws of the Cayman Islands on 22 November 2017. The Fund and the Master Fund falls within the definition of a “Mutual Fund” in terms of the Mutual Funds Law of the Cayman Islands and, accordingly, is regulated in terms of that law and are subject to the supervision of the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.

As the offering or purchase of the Shares is restricted in many jurisdictions, the information provided below is for general guidance only, and it is the responsibility of any persons wishing to view the Public Placement Memorandum or to invest in the Fund to inform themselves of, and to observe, all applicable laws and regulations of any relevant jurisdiction. Each investor considering investing in the Fund must consult its own legal and tax advisers to determine the possible tax or other consequences of purchasing, holding and redeeming shares under laws of their respective jurisdictions.

The Public Placement Memorandum is available from the Global Distributor, Pinnacle Investment Management Limited. The Directors may decline to accept the subscription of any prospective investor.

Investment Manager

The Antipodes Asia Fund Limited (the “Fund”) and the Antipodes Asia Master Fund Limited (the “Master Fund”) are managed by Antipodes Partners Limited (the “Investment Manager”).

Investment Objective

The Fund, through its investment in the Master Fund, seeks to achieve absolute returns in excess of the broader Asian market over the investment cycle (typically 3-5 years).

Investment Strategy

The Fund will primarily invest in a select number of attractively valued companies listed on Asian share markets (normally a minimum of 30 long holdings).

The Fund may also invest in companies that are listed:

  • on global share markets and which derive greater than 65% of their revenues from Asia;
  • in Japan (permitted to maximum 30% net exposure); and
  • in Oceania and non-Asian emerging markets (permitted to maximum 15% net exposure).

Equity shorts and currency positions may be used where the Investment Manager sees attractive opportunities and also to offset specific unwanted portfolio risks and provide some protection from tail risk.

Derivatives may also be used to amplify high conviction ideas. The Fund expects to have a net equity exposure of 50-100% under normal circumstances.

Further information is available in the Private Placement Memorandum available from the Global Distributor.

Contact us

Inquiries concerning the Fund and the Shares, including requesting the Public Placement Memorandum or subscription and redemption procedures, should be directed to the Global Distributor:

Global Distributor

Pinnacle Investment Management Limited
Level 35, 60 Margaret Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

Fund registered office

c/o Walkers Corporate Limited
Cayman Corporate Centre, 27 Hospital Road George Town Grand Cayman KY1-9008 Cayman Islands

Fund administrator

State Street Fund Services (Singapore) Pte. Ltd
168 Robinson Road #33-01, Capital Tower Singapore 068912